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Luoyang Light(Group) Office Furniture Co., Ltd. is specialized manufacture of steel office furniture. The products have a wide range and series including library furniture series, office furniture series, safe box series, school and supermarket equipment, electronic bag deposit cabinet and coin-dropped cabinet. All the products sell well throughout China. Having passed the inspection of the national library equipment inspection center, the company is absorbed as a number of enterprises of China library equipment. Insured by China People's Insurance Company, the products are accepted by ISO9001 International management system. It is regarded as" a reliable AAA enterprise in Henan province", "consumers' favorite products", "a well-known make in Henan province", "the appointed manufacture by universities for library equipment in Henan province" and "honest and top ten private enterprise in economy".

  Luoyang Light (Group) Office Furniture Co., Ltd which is powerful in economy had four branch companies. The registered capital is 160 million yuan and 5.8 million yuan are created for taxes. The company covers an area of 36,000 square meters and there are 480 workers in it. Many departments have been established including production department, technical department, Financial department, inspection department, marketing department and after-sale services department. Particularly technical department, in which 22 are senior engineer and engineers and 52 are managers. Equipped with advanced equipment and high technology, new products are developed very fast with the changes of the market and consumers' needs.

  Spraying is operated automatically. The electrostatic spraying line is designed by the famous spraying equipment company in Germany. The spraying line consists of front treatment system, spraying powder rooms and solidification furnace. The automatic spray gun produced by Jinma Company in Swiss is adopted for spraying room. Dryers are made in Japan and the Huangshan flour is produced by joint ventures in Anhui province. Electrostatic spraying lines are conducted according to the following procedures, working washing -- decrease -- washing -- phosphor-- washing -- spraying powder -- solidification --spraying products. Steel products are protected by advanced spraying layer .In order to ensure the spraying quality, the production processing must be strictly followed. So the spray is smooth and good enough for finger touch and can satisfy our eyes. It is against water, acid, gasoline and so on. Color and Luster are up to the customers' requirements. 

  The reason why Luoyang Light can create first –class products derives from our belief which is" pursue best quality, serve customers, think of our customers and satisfy our customers". We sincerely hope that our customers could give us requirements about our weaknesses and imperfection. Your feedback will enable us to serve you better.


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